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"Very helpful. Kind and courteous and solved our little intruder problem very quickly!"

Pest Control in Atlanta


Here at TruNorth Pest Control, we put our customers first, and that’s because as a locally-owned Atlanta business, we know firsthand how to provide the best pest control service possible. Our experts are equipped to deal with any type of pests that may have invaded your home. All of our treatments are family, pet, and eco-friendly, making us the safest pest control in Atlanta. Our experts are certified in pest control and are involved in ongoing training, making sure we’re up to date on all the latest treatments.

When you choose TruNorth for pest control in Atlanta, you’ll get:

  • A free, thorough pest inspection from our experts to get you started.
  • Flexible hours, including Saturday bookings and after-hours.
  • Licensed, friendly pest exterminators trained in eco-friendly treatments.
  • Optional recurring services to keep you safe year-long.
  • Affordable pricing.

Comprehensive Pest Control in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, a city known for its bustling cityscape and verdant suburbs, is a place where the comfort and safety of home are held in high esteem. TruNorth Pest Control is at the forefront of ensuring that tranquility isn’t disturbed by unwanted guests of the multi-legged variety. With the cityscape expanding into previously wild areas, the necessity for reliable pest control is more pronounced than ever. TruNorth offers Atlanta residents a shield against the surge of pests that accompany urban and suburban development.

Pest Control

In the neighborhoods of Buckhead and Midtown, where the nightlife thrives and families settle, the last thing residents need is a pest invasion. TruNorth Pest Control provides comprehensive pest management, addressing common urban intruders like cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Our methods are backed by Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, ensuring targeted treatments that are effective while minimizing environmental impact.

Quality Service from the Experts

With all the pests we have here in the state of Georgia, it’s pretty much inevitable you’ll find one in your home. But you don’t have to deal with them alone. At TruNorth, we provide services that guarantee your house will be pest free.

Our exterminators in Atlanta treat the following pests:

  • Roaches
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos
  • Earwigs
  • Bees
  • And many more!

Family-Friendly Pest Control

Other pest control treatments may use harsh chemicals to kill off bugs and unwanted pests. But these can also do harm to your family, as well as your pets. At TruNorth, we believe you shouldn’t compromise your safety in order to be free of pests. Our techniques for removing pests are effective and safe, not just for your family, but also for the environment. Our goal is to deal with pests and leave your house the way it was before the invasion. Let us worry about the bugs for you, call us today for your free inspection!

More Services We Offer in Atlanta

Mosquito and Tick Control

Atlanta’s warm climate is ideal for outdoor activities, but it also welcomes mosquitoes and ticks that can carry diseases. Our mosquito and tick control services in areas like Piedmont Park and along the BeltLine are designed to reduce these populations, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of bites and related health risks.

Termite Control

Termites are a silent menace, particularly in historic Atlanta neighborhoods like Grant Park and Inman Park. TruNorth Pest Control’s termite treatments are precise and powerful, safeguarding cherished homes from structural damage. Our termite control strategies are both proactive and reactive, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

Rodent Control

Atlanta’s growth and development can sometimes lead to increased rodent sightings, especially in areas like East Atlanta and Cabbagetown. Our rodent control services are thorough, beginning with an assessment and followed by strategic removal and exclusion techniques to prevent future infestations.

Wildlife Control

The interface between Atlanta’s urban expanses and natural areas, such as those near the Chattahoochee River, means wildlife encounters are more frequent. TruNorth Pest Control manages these situations with expertise, offering humane wildlife control solutions that respect the natural behavior of the animals while keeping your home safe.

Heroic Solutions and Savings

TruNorth Pest Control believes that protecting your home from pests shouldn’t come at a premium. We’re proud to offer Atlanta residents exclusive specials that blend high-quality treatment with affordability. Enjoy our heroic solutions and keep your home in Druid Hills or Cascade Heights secure without overstretching your budget.

TruNorth Pest Control is dedicated to providing Atlanta with superior pest control services that are effective, environmentally responsible, and family-friendly. Our specialized approaches to each unique neighborhood in Atlanta ensure that whether it’s a bustling city district or a quiet suburban street, your home is protected from pests. Trust in TruNorth to keep your Atlanta home safe and comfortable all year round.

TruNorth Pest Control is your ally in maintaining a pest-free environment within the vibrant city of Atlanta. From the historic homes of West End to the modern apartments of Atlantic Station, our services are carefully crafted to address the specific pest pressures that each unique area faces. We understand that Atlanta is not just a place to live, but a place to thrive without the worry of pests.

Customized Pest Management Plans

Every neighborhood in Atlanta has its unique ecosystem, and thus, its own pest challenges. TruNorth Pest Control offers customized pest management plans that take into account the local flora, fauna, and seasonal changes. Whether it’s the lush landscapes of Buckhead or the leafy streets of Decatur, our plans are designed to effectively manage and prevent pests in your specific environment.

Eco-Conscious Pest Control

In a city that values its green spaces like the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the many parks within the city limits, eco-conscious pest control is not just a service, it’s a commitment. TruNorth Pest Control employs environmentally sensitive practices that align with Atlanta’s green initiatives, focusing on sustainable methods that reduce environmental impact while still providing top-notch pest control.

Advanced Treatment Technologies

Atlanta is a hub of innovation and technology, and TruNorth Pest Control mirrors this in our advanced treatment technologies. We employ the latest in pest control innovations, from non-invasive treatments for termites to state-of-the-art monitoring systems for rodents, ensuring that your Atlanta home benefits from cutting-edge pest management solutions.

Community-Focused Services

Atlanta is more than just a collection of individual homes; it’s a series of interconnected communities. TruNorth Pest Control is community-focused, understanding that effective pest control contributes to the overall well-being of the neighborhoods we serve. We work closely with residents from Alpharetta to East Point, ensuring that our services enhance the quality of life throughout the city.

Seasonal Pest Fluctuations

With the changing seasons in Atlanta comes a shift in pest activity. TruNorth Pest Control is adept at handling these seasonal fluctuations, offering targeted treatments that address the specific pests most active during different times of the year. From summer mosquito invasions to winter rodent prevention, we have Atlanta’s seasonal pest control needs covered.

Pest Education and Awareness

Knowledge is power when it comes to pest prevention. TruNorth Pest Control believes in empowering Atlanta residents with the knowledge they need to coexist with the local environment without the hassle of pests. We provide educational resources and tips to the communities we serve, fostering a more informed and proactive approach to pest control.

Reliable Customer Support

In a city that never sleeps, having access to reliable customer support is essential. TruNorth Pest Control prides itself on being available to Atlanta’s residents, offering expert advice and prompt service whenever pests pose a problem. Our customer support extends beyond treatment, with follow-up services to ensure that your pest issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

A Partner in Public Health

Pest control is a critical component of public health, and in Atlanta, where urban living is dense and diverse, this is particularly true. TruNorth Pest Control is a partner in public health, working to mitigate the risks associated with pests, from food contamination to disease transmission, ensuring that Atlanta’s homes and businesses remain safe and healthy environments.

Saturday Services For Your Convenience

It can be difficult to fit pest control services into your already busy weekdays. That’s why at TruNorth, we offer Saturday services. We know it can be a pain to have to rush home from a long day at work to meet with exterminators, so we want to make scheduling with us as easy as possible. If Saturdays don’t work for you either, we also offer after-hours appointments on weekdays with our specialists. With so much flexibility, you’ll be able to find a time that works for you. Don’t let pests disturb your life more than they already have. Pest control in Atlanta has never been easier!

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How does TruNorth Pest Control ensure the safety of treatments in Atlanta homes?

  • Our treatments are selected based on the latest industry standards for safety and efficacy, ensuring they’re safe for use in Atlanta homes with families and pets.

Can TruNorth Pest Control help with termite problems in Atlanta’s historic districts?

  • Yes, we have specialized termite control treatments that preserve the integrity of historic structures while effectively addressing termite issues.

Is wildlife control offered in all parts of Atlanta?

  • TruNorth Pest Control provides wildlife control services throughout Atlanta, including urban and suburban areas, with humane and effective solutions.

Do you offer any pest control plans specifically for Atlanta’s climate?

  • Absolutely, our pest control plans are tailored to the unique challenges presented by Atlanta’s climate, providing year-round pest management solutions.

What makes TruNorth Pest Control unique in the Atlanta market?

  • Our unique blend of local expertise, commitment to safety, and customer-focused services makes us a trusted pest control provider in the Atlanta area.

More About Atlanta

Neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA

  • Buckhead – 30305, 30327
  • Midtown – 30308, 30309
  • Piedmont Park Area – 30309
  • Grant Park – 30312, 30315
  • Inman Park – 30307
  • East Atlanta – 30316
  • Cabbagetown – 30316
  • Virginia Highlands – 30306
  • Brookhaven – 30319
  • Sandy Springs – 30328, 30350
  • Druid Hills – 30307, 30306
  • Cascade Heights – 30311

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