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TruNorth Pest Control Termite Treatment Program

Think you have a termite infestation in your house? Let’s get started assessing where the problem began and what kind of damage you have. Here are our steps.

Pre-Treatment Inspections

  • Assessing the extent of infestation
  • Identifying vulnerable areas

Treatment Options and Procedures

  • Customized solutions to address specific infestations
  • Application methods and safety measures

Post-Treatment Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Regular inspections and prevention strategies
  • Warranty and guarantees

Types of Termite Treatments

Chemical Treatments

  • Liquid termiticides and repellents
  • Termite baiting systems

Physical Barriers

  • Termite-resistant construction materials
  • Foundation sealing and ventilation

Natural and Organic Options

  • Diatomaceous earth and nematodes
  • Essential oil-based deterrents

Cost Considerations and Factors

Treatment costs vary based on infestation size, severity, and accessibility. While professional services may seem costlier initially, they effectively eradicate termites, leading to long-term savings compared to DIY attempts repeatedly plagued by infestation recurrences.

Best Practices for Termite Prevention

Moisture Control and Structural Maintenance

  • Minimizing standing water and leaks
  • Regular maintenance and repairs

Landscaping and Yard Maintenance

  • Proper vegetation placement
  • Mulching techniques and prevention strategies

Importance of Timely Termite Inspections

Early Detection and Intervention

  • Identifying signs of infestation
  • Preventing extensive damage

Professional Inspection Services

  • Frequency of inspections
  • Collaboration with our team
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