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Wildlife Control in Atlanta

If you’re seeing–or hearing–signs of animals in your attic, walls, or backyard, don’t wait! Call the Atlanta wildlife experts at TruNorth today! No matter what animal is making its home in your house, our wildlife removal experts got you covered. Our humane wildlife control methods, as well as repairs on animal-caused damage, makes TruNorth the best in wildlife removal in Atlanta, while still being completely affordable.

Our strategy for making sure your home is completely wildlife-free includes:

  • A detailed inspection to assess entry points.
  • Humane wildlife removal in accordance with Georgia and Atlanta laws.
  • Expert trap care, from wildlife removal to check-ins after removal.
  • Free repairs to any future entry holes that may appear.
  • And more!


Protecting Your Family From Wildlife

Having animals living inside your home can be harmful to you and your family. Many common species carry diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, and even rabies. It is also fairly common for pests to get into your pantry and contaminate your food. Additionally, animals can cause unseen damage to your house, as well as leave behind unpleasant smells, and unwanted excrement. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our wildlife removal in Atlanta handles:

  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Bats
  • And more!

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Part of wildlife control is also cleaning up after an invasive critter. At the time of initial inspection, our experts will also assess your house for any entry points that may have been used by the animal to get in. After removing the wildlife, our experts will professionally seal the holes, to prevent future entries. 

Signs of a Wildlife Problem

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether you have an animal living inside your home, or causing problems outside. This is because animals generally try to hide from humans in hard-to-find places. Popular hiding spots among critters include basements, attics, garages, porches, and inside your walls. Checking these areas for droppings, wood chips, or urine can be the quickest way to find an invasive animal’s nesting spot. Additionally, strange noises, such as squeaking and scurrying, are also signs of an animal living in your house.

Outdoor Wildlife Removal in Atlanta

Have problems with raccoons or opossums knocking over your trash cans? TruNorth can solve that too for you! Just because they are outside doesn’t mean they can’t cause problems for you inside. Not only do animals like raccoons, possums, and skunks cause odor problems, but they can also spread diseases as well. They can be especially dangerous for outdoor dogs and cats, who may get into fights with them. At TruNorth, we believe treating animals humanely is the only way to do wildlife removal. TruNorth experts in wildlife control will humanely trap the animals and remove them from the premises.

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